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  • After years of working with Jay at Panther on our read more

    Kim R. Avatar Kim R.

    They did a great job on the roof of my read more

    Greg P. Avatar Greg P.

    Where do I start. From day 1 everyone were so read more

    o c. Avatar o c.
  • Wife and I decided on custom portico and siding. Glenn read more

    dan j. Avatar dan j.

    Panther siding & windows made the process of getting a read more

    A c. Avatar A c.

    I hired Panther to remodel my bathroom and am very read more

    RR 2. Avatar RR 2.
  • I searched on homeadvisor for a contractor to do my read more

    Jason W. Avatar Jason W.

    I would love to comment on my recent experience having read more

    Emmanuel C. Avatar Emmanuel C.

    Superb work and service

    Frank B. Avatar Frank B.
  • Had our front walk, driveway and front steps done. It read more

    Peter H. Avatar Peter H.

    Panther installed new siding all around the house, pavers on read more

    DanielF Avatar DanielF

    My experience with Panther Siding & Windows, Inc was an read more

    Aileen D. Avatar Aileen D.
  • Panther siding and windows repaired our house and garage. It read more

    Anita S. Avatar Anita S.

    I had contracted with Panther to remove my old wood read more

    karen B. Avatar karen B.

    lucia lopinto We recently had some home improvement done at our home. read more

    lucia l. Avatar lucia l.
  • Extremely satisfied with the quality, professionalism and overall service we read more

    Angela N. Avatar Angela N.

    Excellent customer service and my experience was great. My roof read more

    Crazy S. Avatar Crazy S.

    I just had my roof repaired by Panther Siding and read more

    Judy F. Avatar Judy F.
  • The entire process was smooth and easy. Glenn and Ron read more

    Bobby J. Avatar Bobby J.

    I used Panther for my vinyl siding and new roof read more

    Anthony R. Avatar Anthony R.

    I am so excited o enjoy my new kitchen and read more

    Elissa C. Avatar Elissa C.
  • We are so very pleased with our new roof. Panther read more

    Lisa B. Avatar Lisa B.

    Our neighbors recommend Panther to us after having their kitchen read more

    Kim M. Avatar Kim M.

    Very pleased with Panther from Greg who saw what was read more

    Ethel H. Avatar Ethel H.
  • High quality work, fairly priced. Worked with Ron D. Always read more

    nickysdadrf Avatar nickysdadrf

    They were amazing. Second siding job. Professional, quick and painless.

    bett b. Avatar bett b.

    I had a bathroom remodel and had to redo the read more

    Edgar P. Avatar Edgar P.
  • We had a really great experience with Panther. They came read more


    We received a flyer in the mail and called panther read more

    Rocco P. Avatar Rocco P.

    I used Panther to do my siding because they did read more

    Andrew K. Avatar Andrew K.

Window Contractor In Old Westbury

Top Reasons You Should Hire a Nassau County Window Replacement Contractor

When the homeowners of Old Westbury, NY are looking for “window contractors near me”, Panther Siding and Windows, Inc. is the first company they call. As a family-owned and locally-operated window contractor with more than 30 years of experience, we have successfully installed windows for countless property owners throughout the Nassau County area. We carry a large selection of the highest quality windows from the best manufacturers in the industry and our professionally trained technicians expertly install them. Offering fair and affordable prices, fast and effective results, and impeccable craftsmanship, it’s no wonder why we’re the company so many Nassau County property owners rely on when they’re in need of a window contractor.

Why You Should Hire a Old Westbury, NY Window Replacement Contractor Instead of Installing Windows Yourself

With the surge in how-to videos and tutorials, DIY home improvement projects have become all the rage. While there are plenty of projects that you can easily take on yourself, some jobs are better left to a professional. Window replacement is one of those jobs. If you need to have your existing windows replaced and you’re thinking about doing it yourself, before you head to the home improvement store to start shopping for supplies, consider the following benefits of hiring a professional Nassau County window replacement contractor instead.

Knowledge and Experience

Window replacement is a lot more complicated than it seems. The existing windows have to be properly removed, the right windows have to be selected and of course, they need to be correctly installed. While it might seem like a pretty simple and straightforward job, it’s actually a complex process and if it isn’t done the right way, you could end up damaging your property and new windows, wind up with leaks whenever it rains, and even reduce the efficiency of your Old Westbury, NY home.

A professional window contractor will have received extensive training and will have the knowledge and experience that’s needed to ensure your replacement windows are properly installed. Licensed window contractors near you undergo extensive training and adhere to local building codes and take great care to avoid damaging their clients’ homes and new windows. Even the most detailed DIY tutorials cannot compare to the training, knowledge, and experience a professional Nassau County window installation contractor will offer.

The Right Tools and Equipment

In order to remove and install windows, you need to have the right tools and equipment. While you may be able to purchase or rent the supplies, you might not know exactly what you’ll need to do the job. A professional window contractor, however, will not only know what type of tools and equipment will be needed to replace your windows, but they’ll have immediate access to them, too. What’s more, a reputable Nassau County window replacement contractor will only use the most advanced equipment and will make sure that their tools are properly maintained, too.

Premium-Quality Materials

In addition to having the right tools and equipment, a professional contractor will also carry the highest quality materials. Sure, you can purchase windows on your own from a local home improvement store or a retailer that specializes in windows, but do you know exactly what type of windows you’ll need? And, even if you do know what kind of windows to choose, you may not be able to get the highest quality brands on your own. Reputable window contractors near you will carry a large inventory of high-end windows from the best manufacturers in the industry. They’ll also listen to your needs and will be able to recommend windows that will best meet those needs.

Improved Safety

It might not seem like replacing windows is a dangerous job, but if you don’t know what you’re doing and you aren’t prepared, replacing windows on your own can actually be quite hazardous. Power tools need to be used, if you’re replacing second-story windows, you may need to climb ladders and windows can be pretty heavy, are awkwardly shaped, and can be quite difficult to handle. If you make even the slightest mistake, you could seriously injure yourself. A professional Old Westbury, NY window contractor will know exactly how to approach removing your existing windows and installing the new ones and will take every precaution necessary to ensure complete safety. Plus, a good window contractor will be fully insured, so in the event that an accident does occur, they will have the means to access any medical care that may be needed.

Cost Savings

The main reason most Old Westbury, NY homeowners attempt DIY window replacement is to save money; however, in reality, replacing windows on your own can actually end up costing you a lot more than it would cost you to hire a professional. When you add up how much you’ll need to spend in order to acquire the necessary tools and any repairs that may need to be made if you make a mistake, hiring a Nassau County window contractor from the start could save you a good bit of money. Why? Because you won’t have to purchase or rent the necessary tools and it’s far less likely that any mistakes will be made; but, if anything does go wrong, a licensed and insured window contractor will cover the cost of any necessary repairs. You also need to consider how much it will cost you if you don’t install your new windows properly because your utility bills would certainly increase and a professional contractor will make sure that the windows are properly installed to ensure maximum efficiency.

When you take all of these factors into consideration, hiring a professional Nassau County window replacement contractor will end up being much more cost-effective.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, when you hire a professional window contractor to replace the windows in your Old Westbury, NY home, you’ll have a lot more peace of mind than you would if you were to do the job yourself. Knowing that the windows will be installed the right way the first time around, that you’ll have access to the best possible materials, and you won’t have to worry about damaging your property or injuring yourself, and you’ll certainly feel a lot more at ease. Add in how much money hiring a contractor could end up saving you and the fact that you won’t have to worry about taking time from your already hectic schedule to do the work yourself and there’s no doubt that you’ll feel a lot more at ease when you hire a professional contractor to replace your windows.

For the Best Window Replacement Services in Nassau County, Contact Panther Siding and Windows, Inc.!

If you’re planning on replacing the windows in your Old Westbury, NY home and you want to take advantage of all the benefits that hiring a professional Nassau County window replacement contractor will provide, contact Panther Siding and Windows, Inc.! Fully licensed and insured and offering more than 30 years of experience, you can count on the professionally trained technicians at our family-owned and operated company to really understand your needs and deliver the highest quality results possible.

For more information about our window replacement services or to schedule an appointment for a free in-home consultation, please give us a call at 516-479-6660 or visit today! When you choose Panther Siding and Windows, Inc., you’ll have a better view of high-quality results.

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Panther Siding & Windows has always been about family and community even before we started helping our neighbors improve their homes. We take pride in the fact that each project we take on is sold, managed and completed by four generations of our family. See below to learn more about Panther Siding & Window’s proud history.

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We want your home to be the place you retreat to after a hard days work to spend time with family and friends. Making fond memories should be your chief concern at home, not making home improvements.

Whether the changes you are making are because of a necessary repair, cosmetic upgrade or an expanding family, let us provide you with quality craftsmanship with a company (and family) you can count on to get the job done right.

View our Before & After gallery to see just some of the projects we have completed recently. It will surely help you imagine the potential your home has in store.

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Our kitchen and bathroom renovations are stunning because we’re able to balance modern style and elegance with the latest technology. We can transform your dated and tired designs with something fresh that will keep up with the latest design trends.

Our in-house interior design specialists (coupled with your 30+ years of know-how) will leave you with a premium product within your budget. These design transformations can happen quickly and leave you with a kitchen or bathroom that will ready to cater to your family and friends for decades.

Panther is a full-service, fully-insured contracting company. We are also ready help you with any upgrades or repairs that you may need such as flooring, painting, demolition and more!